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FreewareStudio Free DVD Decrypter 2.0

Free video ripping tool to compress your DVD movies in a fast and easy way
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Free DVD Decrypter is a video ripping tool developed by FreewareStudio, and designed to provide an easy and fast way to convert your DVD movies and videos into other various simpler and lighter compressed formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (for both VCD and SVCD) and AVI (DivX or XviD).

Free DVD Decrypter's interface is pleasant, and all its elements are intuitive and self-explanatory. You are allowed to choose the source DVD video directly from a DVD disc or from a folder on your hard drive containing a DVD structure. Once you have made your choice, all the titles and chapters in the DVD will be displayed, allowing you to select which of them you want to include in the output file. In addition, you can also select the audio track(s) and subtitles streams - none is also an option - that you want your compressed file to have.

Finally, you can choose among the different possible output formats. The program allows you to select from different standard codecs and settings for each output file type. For example, you can choose a profile that produces a SVCD-compatible video as output, which would yield a DAT MPEG-2 file, for either a PAL or an NTSC frame rate. Optionally, you can tell the program to shut down when the ripping process is finished. In addition, there is also a small panel where a static preview of the selected chapter is displayed.

The program also offers an "Advanced Option" tab, where you can change the audio and video settings in all detail. Here you can set the video quality, the size, the frame rate and the video codec, as well as the audio quality, the sample rate, the number of channels, and the audio codec. In addition, the program offers several "themes", which allow you to slightly change the look and feel of the program's interface.

The program is totally free. However, if you close it using the provided “Exit” button, a website will open on your Internet browser every time, and there is no way to change this. Nevertheless, this will not happen if you use the System/Exit menu command.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Allows you to choose one or more titles and/or chapters
  • Allows you to choose among the most popular output formats


  • Opens a website every time you close it using "Exit"
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